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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury tend to creep up on accident victims due to their subtlety and sometimes unnoticeable nature. Unfortunately, mild traumatic brain injury victims receive even less attention despite the fact that MTBI comprises the bulk of all traumatic brain injuries.

Mild traumatic brain injury is a head injury resulting from blunt trauma. One of more of the following symptoms may indicate a MTBI:

  • Any memory loss regarding the events immediately preceding or following your accident
  • Any loss of consciousness
  • Any altered mental state such as feeling dazed, confused or perplexed during the time of the accident

Neurological abnormalities that may or may not be short term; but where the injury severity does not exceed:

  • A loss of consciousness for 30 minutes
  • Post-traumatic amnesia for more than 24 hours
  • An initial Glasgow Coma Scale of 13-15, 30 minutes after the injury

Despite the numerous radiological and laboratory tests that may be used to diagnose traumatic brain injury, these tests only help to eliminate the possibility of more severe forms of TBI. In many cases, such tests are not sensitive enough to reveal the subtle imaging abnormalities found in MTBI.

By spreading awareness of mild traumatic brain injuries, Desai Law hopes to advocate the importance of a more precise system to ensure victims of MTBI receive the treatment they deserve.

The magnitude and impact of MTBI as a public health problem is often underestimated by current medical investigation tools and systems. In order to fully determine the magnitude of MTBI, more research is required. The further development of test strategies is imperative to reducing the frustration felt by many MTBI victims by assisting in early diagnosis and treatment.

If you have suffered a MTBI as a result of an accident, contact Desai Law Personal Injury Firm to discuss your rights during a free consultation.

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